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CANCELLED due to COVID-19. We will reschedule meet-ups, hike, events, & tours when it is safe to do so. Please see the current City of Fort Worth & State of Texas updates.

However…we have Facebook Live & Zoom presentations in place of our monthly Meet-Up & field trips!

Monday, September 14, 2020 at 7pm on Zoom
Prairie Seekers Introduction

Prairie Seekers is a citizen scientist program training volunteers to assess & map prairies for possible conservation.

Fort Worth NPAT is offering a two-part Prairie Seekers training in September 2020. Prairie Seekers is a methodology and tool set used to quantitatively assess the condition of prairies, remnant prairies, and potential prairie lands in Texas.

Part One of the training will be provided via a Zoom presentation covering the Prairie Seekers tools, methodology and resources. The training is scheduled for the regular FW NPAT monthly Zoom meeting, 7 p.m. Monday, September 14. Click here to register for the Zoom meeting. All NPAT members and anyone registered for the field training are welcome to attend. The presentation will be recorded and available on the NPAT website.

Part Two of the training is a hands-on field session scheduled for September 26, at LBJ National Grasslands. Participants will gain experience conducting prairie assessments using the tools learned in the presentation. Participants must register for the field portion as group size is limited due to COVID-19. Up to 2 groups of 8 participants will be accepted for the field training. Each group will be led by 2 prairie experts. There is no charge for this training, but donations to NPAT are always appreciated. To donate for this program: https://texasprairie.org/north-texas-prairie-outreach/

To participate in the field training, please register by September 10. https://prairieseekersfield2020.eventbrite.com

Questions? fwnpat@gmail.com

Donate at our North Texas Giving Day page. 

Prairie is the natural landscape of North Texas. Of the 20 million acres of tallgrass prairie that once existed in Texas, less than 1% remains, making it one of the most endangered ecosystems in North America. Due to rapid urbanization there is an urgent need for prairie conservation in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth metro region. Raising local awareness is an important part of saving prairies.

To this end, NPAT is raising funds to launch the North Texas Outreach and Stewardship Program. The framework for the program has been developed by volunteers and two area chapters, but its implementation is dependent on hiring a full-time coordinator to conduct outreach, oversee stewardship of area prairie lands, facilitate conservation and acquisition, and to develop partnerships with other conservation organizations and local governments.

NPAT has received an offer of funding from the Dixon Water Foundation to help launch this position.  We are looking at additional funding sources to sustain this program long term.

We need your support!

Photo by Stalin SM (a Blackland chapter member of Native Prairies Association of Texas)


Do you have an interest in giving virtual public presentations or virtual field trips? (via Zoom or Facebook Live) If you have a passion for prairies, their inhabitants, their history, & their value, we would love to hear from you! Contact us with your idea.

Help us on our iNaturalist project. Submit your prairie observations to our Prairie Seekers iNaturalist project: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/prairie-seekers-native-prairies-association-of-texas 

Check out the Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area Prairie Notes for inspiring photos and information about Fort Worth’s iconic remnant prairie!

Learn more about NPAT’s prairies.

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The Native Prairies Association of Texas (NPAT) is a non-profit membership organization & land trust dedicated to the conservation, restoration, & appreciation of native prairies, savannas, & other grasslands in Texas. NPAT has conserved more than 4,000 acres of native Texas prairie, including 1,340 acres of endangered tallgrass prairie. NPAT is a 501(c)(3) organization, & your membership and contributions are fully tax-deductible to the amount allowed by law.

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2 Responses to Home

  1. Sue Crain says:

    How do I apply for the GRIP? I am in Clay County, Texas and really need some help with my land. I have deer, quail, doves, and other wildlife, but the grass is not very good, and some real cactus problems in areas. Everything is organic.
    Sue Crain, 940-674-5128, 324 Mojave Trail, Wichita Falls, TX, 76310


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