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Prairie Steward Volunteer Opportunity at Maddin Prairie Preserve
November 10 -11, 2018

Volunteer to be a Prairie Steward at NPAT’s Maddin Prairie Preserve in the Rolling Plains of Texas. In 2017, we will schedule a few volunteer workdays to help manage the Maddin Prairie Preserve. Duties might include fenceline clearing, invasive species control, iNaturalist observations, bird surveys, mowing roadside & fireline, etc. There will be the option to camp out as well.

For more information, contact kmharms3@gmail.com

Maddin Prairie Preserve

Maddin Prairie Preserve south of Colorado City, Tx in Spring 2016

Savage Cabbage Bash
One of NPAT’s responsibilities on our prairies is the control of invasives. One of our members, JoAnn Collins is having a “SAVAGE CABBAGE BASH” soon and would like for volunteers to help. The event is sponsored by the Trinity River Authority and will occur along the Trinity Trails near downtown. If you happen to be using the trails, we are looking for infestations of bastard cabbage, an annual plant that is wreaking havoc on our native wildflowers! If you see any along the trails or nearby, please let JoAnn know at the email below so we can plan our ATTACK. If you see it anywhere else, you have permission to ATTACK at will! This will be a NPSOT and CTMN approved activity as well. Details will be coming soon. If you are interested in helping out, please contact her at joacollins@gmail.com or at the chapter email fwnpat@gmail.com.

LLELA Volunteer Opportunities (Lake Lewisville Environmental Learning Area)
Learn more about the volunteer opportunities available at this 2,000 acre natural area in Lewisville.


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