Cross Timbers Master Naturalists train at the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge. They attend a prairie field trip. Here are some pictures:

A Year in Review: Our 2017 Accomplishments

Here’s a fun & inspiring project by our partners. Real Schools Garden’s partner school at Bridgeport Elementary has ‘Monarch Mania’. The teachers have created a project-based module with the Monarch being the central theme. Watch this video that the students produced on Bridgeport Monarch News.

Prairie Matters in Fort Worth
by Linda Berakek
Fort Worth Chapter of NPAT

Growing up on a dry-land farm in Nebraska, I learned to love the prairie early. My Dad and my Grandpa worked the land where milo and wheat flourished. My sister and I took a daily trek out to the pasture to get the milk cows.

It wasn’t until later that I realized that the pasture was a “prairie”. It has never been plowed, ‘til this day. And I’ve learned that having cattle graze on prairie is good for the land.

I’ve always had this respect for all things natural and have found myself being drawn to groups that work to save our environment. So it was a natural fit to become involved with NPAT.

Probably the most amazing piece of information I’ve learned while working to found the Fort Worth chapter is how really amazing a piece of prairie is. Just today, there was a big headline in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about how we may be moving toward phase 2 watering restrictions due to the drought. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the roots of a prairie are intertwined to form a network that runs miles in length. Even a residential lot—if planted with prairie grasses—could save a lot of water, encourage small animals and insects to stop by, and make the resident feel they are doing something positive for our environment.

“Prairie Matters”! Join in saving prairies, big and small. It is the right thing to do. Check out this great article about Why Prairies Matter! prairiematters

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