Our meetings are via Zoom; & sometimes in person. We have many outdoor training, hikes, & field trips scheduled. 


Monday, November 8, 2021 at 7pm (Zoom)
Re-Horning Texas: An Historical Introduction to Restoring Texas Horned Lizards
Presenter: Dusty Rhoads, author and horned lizard researcher


This talk presents the history of the Great Plains — and its dismantling — as it relates to Texas Horned Lizards: their history, ecological needs, adaptations, and their uncertain future. The speaker hopes that such information will equip the average Texan with the appropriate background to know how they can link, increase, improve, and create habitat to make a measurable difference to the prosperity and “comeback” of Texas Horned Lizards.

Bio: Dusty Rhoads is a research biologist who has studied the ecology and conservation of some iconic native Texas reptiles, especially Trans-Pecos Ratsnakes and Texas Horned Lizards.  He received his Masters of Science in Biology degree from TCU in 2019, studying how camouflage can inform conservation applications for Texas Horned Lizards. He is the author of The Complete Suboc (2008; ECO Herpetological Publishing) and the author of the forthcoming book Rehorning Texas (TCU Press, forthcoming title, 2022).

Prairie Seekers on Saturday, October 30 at Dixon Water Foundation’s Leo Ranch

Native Prairies Association of Texas, partnering with Dixon Water Foundation, is hosting a Prairie Seekers workshop with field training on Saturday, October 30, 2021 at Leo Ranch north of Decatur. Participants will gain experience conducting prairie assessments and will learn what makes a prairie special. Prairie ecology experts will be on hand to lead participants in focused field observations. We’re working out the final details and we have an action-packed day of learning on the Fort Worth Prairie north of Decatur. Fee is $35. Proceeds support the new North Texas Outreach & Stewardship Program.


We will post opportunities as we have them.

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