Prairies & Pollinators

IT’S SIMPLE… sort of. Pollinators need prairies AND prairies need pollinators. Our diverse, native prairies are in danger of disappearing as an ecosystem. Yet, they grow food for many of our insect species. Not only do prairies provide nectar and pollen from wildflowers, they provide shelter and nesting places. Those untidy-looking prairies with their grasses, wildflowers, seed heads, dead plant material and exposed soil provide wildlife with the many resources they need to survive.

In turn, prairie plants need pollinators to create more prairie plants. Of course! AND other prairie wildlife—mammals, birds and reptiles—need insects as part of their diets. Insects are a valuable protein source. It’s all connected. But you probably knew that already, right?

Help Native Prairies Association of Texas with our mission to “KEEP TEXAS PRAIRIE!” Your donation helps fund our mission and outreach programs to help the many grasslands and prairies across this amazing and large state.  Visit to find out more.

(Find a printable version of this poster at

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