Dear Prairie Partners,

We are excited about our upcoming 2019 North American Prairie Conference to be held here in Houston, TX from June 2-5, 2019 and we’d love for you to join us!

We have an exciting lineup of speakers and presentations, including Carol Davit of the Missouri Prairie Foundation, Dr. Reed Noss of the Florida Institute for Conservation Science, Chris Helzer of The Nature Conservancy (author of the Prairie Ecologist Blog), Dr. Dwayne Estes of the Southeast Grassland Initiative, and Dr. Kelly Kindscher of the Kansas Biological Survey.

We want to remind you that the Early Bird Registration and Proposal Submission deadline is April 22, 2019. So, don’t miss your chance to attend the 25th North American Prairie Conference is summer! Please help us spread the word too. Pass this email onto to your colleagues and friends. Hope to see you in Texas very soon!

Thank you,

Jaime González
Houston Urban Conservation Programs Manager
The Nature Conservancy in Texas

2019 NAPC Convener

Coastal Prairie Partnership

The mission of the Coastal Prairie Partnership is to promote the conservation, restoration, and appreciation of coastal prairie ecosystems.

Visit us at

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