This is an inspiring event developed by Kasey Rhodes, an 11-year old girl who attended our Prairie Seekers training in 2018. Kasey, along with her mother Debbie, are coordinating the Yantis Prairie Day in Yantis, Texas. From Debbie Rhodes:

“The Yantis Prairie Day started as an idea and question of wonder from my 11-year old daughter Kasey. She wondered if we could do anything in our small, rural community to help the monarch butterfly and other pollinators. She then gave a presentation to our local city council about the monarch butterfly and asked if the mayor could sign the monarch pledge, as well as support a community-wide, educational prairie day. The council agreed, and the idea took flight. Subsequently, a local resident and prairie enthusiast, Julie Mattox, donated 5 acres of old dairy pasture to be used as a community outdoor prairie classroom. As we speak there is a grant pending that will allow residents, and local students from 4H, FFA, shop, art and science classes to participate in the cultivation of pollinator gardens, greenhouse development, trail construction, prairie grass seeding, and more.

The Yantis Prairie Day will be two-fold. It will bring together experts in the field of prairie development and pollinator habitat to speak to land owners, residents and students about the benefits and how-to’s of cultivating land with a different land ethic and aim. This aim is one that develops habitat for various prairie species, including pollinator and plant species. It is also one of stewardship and long-term commitment. The other reason for the prairie day will be to introduce people to the donated acreage to be used as the Yantis Community Outdoor Prairie Classroom.”


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