Restoration Efforts at the Connemara Meadow Nature Preserve – Bob Mione

Restoration Efforts at the Connemara Meadow Nature Preserve
Presenter: Bob Mione of Connemara Conservancy
Amon G. Carter, Jr. – Downtown YMCA at 512 Lamar Street

Bob’s presentaion will deal with the detailed history of restoration attempts at the 72 acre nature preserve. Removal of invasives, both chemically and via solarization, the use of a “no till drill”, using a greenhouse to start seedlings, irrigation techniques, seed choices, mowing techniques and other aspects of native grass and wild flower restoration are discussed. Recent focus on restoring habitat for Monarch butterflies and bees is highlighted.

Photo courtesy of the Connemara Conservancy Foundation; Elizabeth Smith

Bob Mione began volunteering at the Connemara Meadow Nature Preserve in the Fall of 2008. His initial focus was helping Boy Scouts work on their Eagle projects, a task he has continued. He became the Meadow Manager in late 2010, as a new focus on restoration began in the Meadow. Bob oversaw several large projects; the diversion of storm sewer water into the Meadow, the construction of a seasonal pond, the construction of a large wetland area, the restoration effort to restore 15 acres of the 72 acre preserve to native grasses and most recently the effort to create wildflower plots for Monarch Butterflies and bees. Bob was part of the Blackland Prairie Chapter’s 2012 Master Naturalist class, became certified in 2103 and remains an active member of the chapter.

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